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Church Cleaning Services by Oceana Clean


Just as our faith is central to our day-to-day lives, our places of worship are central to our communities. At Oceana Clean, we offer cleaning services for churches and religious facilities throughout Palm Beach County and Martin County. With our cleaning services, your place of worship will remain a shining beacon for your community.


Reliable Church & Religious Facility Cleaning Services


Our cleaners are just as committed to great customer care as they are to great cleaning. We know that when it comes to their cleaning services, religious facilities require different services and schedules than 9-to-5 businesses. That’s why churches, synagogues, and other places of worship in Palm Beach County and Martin County can expect respectful, flexible, and fully customized cleanings from our team.


With Oceana Clean Church and Religious Facility cleaning services you can expect:

  • Disinfection, Germ and Bacteria Targeting - We disinfect with special attention to the areas where germs, bacteria, and viruses are most likely to breed
    or transfer from person to person.
  • Advanced Floor Care - Churches and religious facilities receive expert floor cleaning services from our cleaning teams, with both day-to-day and
    intensive-cleaning options.
  • Greener Cleaning - Ocena Clean uses eco-friendly chemicals wherever possible and clean with high-coverage, low-volume methods to reduce harsh
    chemical use.
  • Improved Air Quality - Our HEPA vacuums will improve air quality by extracting harmful particles from the air in your facility.


Guaranteed Cleaning Services for Churches & Religious Facilities


Oceana Clean Church and Religious Facility cleaning services are designed to give congregations the consistent, reliable cleanings they need for a healthy and comfortable place of worship. We are committed to quality and consistency. We also guarantee each and every cleaning we provide.


Ensure a cleaner, more comfortable place of worship with Oceana Clean Religious and Church Cleaning Services.

Call (561)203-9932 to get started with a no-cost assessment and estimate.



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Why Oceana Clean?


  • Fully insured

  • Woman owned business

  • Schedule flexibility

  • High quality service

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

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